About Sue

Hello there. My name is Sue. I am well acquainted with shame and brokenness. I write about my journey of recovery here – a bold journey of tears, falling, and rising up again and again. My story includes exploring the belief that our Creator invites us into a relationship where our shame can be resolved and absolved. My hope is we might live out of a place of shame less and less, that we might live free more and more.  

As I learn to lean into my own reality I am finding God meets me there and offers a life of vitality. For me The 12 Steps have been a useful tool and guide. I write about the journey,  and travelling the Road of Recovery here.

In early adulthood I joined The Salvation Army, and it wasn’t long before I left my career as a Dietitian to train as a Salvation Army Officer. Having focussed on how to nourish the body I wanted to explore offering healing to the body, mind and spirit. Initially my husband and I served in local Salvation Army churches, then in youth work, before committing to the work of healing which happens in our Salvation Army addiction treatment services in New Zealand.

Why not join me as I continue to explore healing, faith, and transformation? I would love to travel the Road of Recovery with you.


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