Finding God – like finding a good Hairdresser

Shortly after shifting to Christchurch (New Zealand) I started searching for a new hairdresser. However, it took a number of years to realise that what I really wanted was more than just a haircut.


The first salon I visited came recommended by friends. I certainly received a haircut, but it was downright awful! And so I understood the first thing I was looking for in a hair salon, was a good haircut. The second salon provided a great cut. However, each visit included long waits for service without any acknowledgement of my presence. I came to the conclusion I wanted a good cut and a warm welcome. So, the search continued…

My third attempt to find what I was looking for proved more promising – brewed coffee, excellent service, great staff, and a stylish cut. Now I had a fantastic haircut, and a welcoming experience. But then my stylist left without warning. I had found what I was looking for, only to be abandoned!

Despairing of any permanent solution, I decided to try a salon that had been just around the corner all along. The service was great, the cut fantastic. To this day, I am served brewed coffee, with a peppermint and I’m offered discounts or free gifts on every visit. They text me reminders of my appointment times and send chocolate in the post to thank me for my patronage! Finally I’ve found more than I’m looking for!

Every salon offered me part of what I was seeking. However, my initial experiences each lacked something. I began by simply looking for a haircut and concluded that what I really sought was a total experience.

Keep Searching

My search for a hairdresser reminds me of our search for a Divine Parent: we sample part of what God is like, but still haven’t experienced all that is on offer. We sense God’s welcome, but still think our hard times are punishment from that same God. We know God loves us, but can’t believe our past can be forgiven. We know we will only make it with God’s help, but struggle to trust God with every aspect of our lives.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Keep searching, for Jesus promises, “Search, and you will find” (Matthew 7:7). We may be surprised to discover the God we are looking for is just around the corner!

First published in The Road of Recovery: 12 Step Meditations for Aotearoa, (Sue Hay, Flag Publications)

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