One House, Many Doors

Many Doors

Home, for me, will always be the sprawling, L-shaped farmhouse I grew up in. It was a house of many doors, especially external doors. Nine, actually! Each one served a different purpose.

We used the back door after being out on the farm. Here we left our work gear – gumboots, overalls, and coats. In other words, all the gear that smelt of cow manure! Around this well-utilised door one could hardly ignore the sight and smell of hard work and cow crap!

At the opposite end of the house, the front door was rarely used. I do remember it being opened for ambulance officers. With Mum very ill, the front door gave the ambulance officers quicker access to her. What’s more, it provided an uncluttered exit straight to the waiting ambulance. Because of this door, healing began sooner. Yet, it was a foreboding looking door. Few ever approached the “Healing Door” as a possible entrance into our house.

A ranch slider door brightened an otherwise long, dark hallway near the rear of the house. Visitors never ventured this far. But for family, here was the door to serenity. This door caught the morning sun. It opened onto a patio surrounded by flowerbeds boasting a variety of roses. This was an especially safe, warm place to curl up, away from the bustle of the busy farmhouse.

By way of contrast, the dining room door offered no peace and quiet. Highway 27 was but a stone’s throw away. There was the constant noise of traffic, and beyond that, a busy railway line. This rather public door was used almost daily by a multitude of friends, calling in for tea or coffee.

Many Rooms

Jesus said, “There are many rooms in my Father’s house” (John 14:2). Though Jesus may be referring to our ultimate home in heaven, getting to know God is also like becoming familiar with all the rooms of a large house. We initially meet God at the door of our greatest need. It might be our awareness of the crap we are in, or our longing for healing. Our greatest need may be serenity. However, there’s more to the God of our understanding than we find in that first room. Dare we trust God with more of ourselves by venturing through other doors of his house? Our courage will be rewarded with an increased understanding of all God can be to us.

First published in The Road of Recovery: 12 Step Meditations for Aotearoa, (Sue Hay, Flag Publications)

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